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I love to watch you play…
12 13 13, 4:00 pm
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A few weeks ago, a friend shared an article on her blog that highlighted the attributes of a great sports parent. 

“College athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame. Their overwhelming response: ‘I love to watch you play.‘”

Instead of the parents instantly critiquing how the kids played, those precious words “I love to watch you play” allowed for the players to be present in these shared moments of joy and acknowledgement from their parents.

In my experience, acknowledgements have the potential to be really powerful and are highly underutilized.  Continue reading

Space + Chaos
03 18 13, 5:04 pm
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The world is full and fast. Technology, trends, fads, taste, people, planets… everything changes. You’re either struggling to keep up or keep your head down while it all moves by you.

I don’t know any (I mean any) creative executives that have too little to do or not enough on their plate. The reactive world of getting shit done can take us down. And that can get messy. Really messy. Just when we have it figured out, controlled, and organized something changes.

How do you manage to flow with it all and not get too far under it?
How do you carve out space in the chaos to be present to what feeds your greatness?
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The Regroup

CeeLo Green recently opened up about taking a year off from NBC’s hit show, The Voice. He explained that it all comes down to time.

His career endeavors – TV, music, production, life – have made him busier than ever. While he’s enjoyed being on TV, he’s a musician at his core and wants to spend time immersing himself in his true creative passion.

It got me thinking about choices and multi-tasking. Creative Executives are rarely at a loss for ideas or passions. We can start something that seems like an incredible idea, but our involvement and focus in that endeavor can be so great that really important parts of who we are get neglected.
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Your Year-End Review

As we approached 2009, people loved this Year
End Review article, so let’s not reinvent the wheel. Wishing you your best year yet!


As the end of 2010 approaches and 2011 peeks around the corner, I’d like to share an exercise and resource to help bring growth and focus to the transition of the upcoming year – Your Year-End Review.
This exercise can be done alone or in groups,
dealing with business or personal aspects of you. 

You need 1-2 hours of time, a comfy spot, a cup of tea or glass of wine, and pen and paper. Most of us are at computers or on PDA’s much of our day, and when you take it back to basics, you use different parts of your brain. You can make different connections.

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Reverse the Fallout

I was spending time with an old friend last week who is experiencing a separation from his wife.
“That’s going around.” I said. “You know it’s been a really tough few years for people.”

Kind of an obvious statement. But then this man, who is intimately tapped into his community in many ways, said, “Until recently, I thought it was just me. Once you start sharing and opening up with people, the floodgates open.”

The truth is, everyone is experiencing the Fallout of the last few years in different ways. And it’s happening everywhere.

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Have you laughed enough today?

No living creature can laugh, except man. 
-Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Thats some pretty amazing power, isn’t it? When was the last time you had a great laugh? I mean the kind where you were crying, barely breathing and holding your stomach because you were frozen in hilarity?
I have a rule in working with clients. We must have laughter. Even in the face of great change, the result of laughter’s presence can greatly improve one’s experience of transition and growth.

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