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You Are Awesome
12 08 15, 9:59 am
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This has been a year of incredible growth for me and for my clients. We have all been doing a lot of brave things lately.

Personally, this year’s work forced me to not skirt around what’s most important and has made me dive deep in order to authentically speak about what I think matters in this world of creative executives.

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Gratitude and Grit
11 10 15, 7:15 am
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Any time we set a goal for ourselves, there is one guarantee. You will hit a roadblock as you travel along your path. It’s inevitable when you do big things in the world. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

I wish I could tell you what to watch out for, but roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps it’s a boss that doesn’t see your “next level” value. Or an unexpected addition to your family. Or maybe an all-consuming romantic relationship that diverted your attention from your career goals for a few years.

Grit, that persevering and tenacious personality trait, is a defining factor that trumps talent in terms of success. We’ve shared some stories, about grit in the face of adversity. You can also read The Highly Evolved Human’s Nick Ross share an inspiring story about the creative spark that came to him amidst his battle with cancer.

Picture of Nick Ross

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How to take a REAL work vacation

August is a big vacation month. It’s hot here in Austin, Texas, which is why I am excited to go to Colorado this month. It’s 71 at noon vs. 112, thank you very much.

I was sharing my plans with my friend and colleague Maura Thomas, a productivity expert who always keeps me in line when we start talking about time management. She has some really useful articles on how to take a vacation that I’ve shared below. Continue reading

Do you see the forest or the trees?

This morning, I was listening to a Deepak/Oprah meditation that landed in my inbox. (I’m a big fan of these meditations!)

The topic was ageless living, and there was a great point about how common it is and how stressful it is to overthink our age, how much time has passed since something had happened or how much time was left before an upcoming event.

Yet, as the meditation pointed out, there is no counting “time” in the here and now. When we are truly present and breathing and letting go, there are no thoughts about where or who we’re supposed to be. In the present, we just are.

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02 02 12, 4:13 pm
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I’m taking voice lessons from the incredible Teal Collins from The Mother Truckers.  And, the last few days I’ve experienced great frustration because I have to learn how to pace my breath.  I can sing those notes well, but without the pace of my breath, I peter out at the end.  For those of you that know me, pace is something I strive for.  I’ve typically been a run-stop-run-stop kinda girl, and while I appreciate the productivity that energy can bring short term,  I value what pace can do long-term.

I’m curious, how do you manage pace?

Be the Scientist

We are two weeks into the New Year.  I would imagine if you are like most of the planet, you have at least one area that you wanted to modify or completely overhaul in 2012.  Perhaps it’s your profession?  Your relationships? Your health? Or maybe you want to finish a personal project that’s been on the backburner for months or even years!

Change isn’t easy.  We are creatures of habit, and we have to use the most executive part of our brains to help create change.  Change requires focus, presence, and commitment.
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Integration is the key to evolution

What does integration mean to you?

To me, personal integration means that my life is working well.   The parts that make up Jen Spencer are firing on all cylinders. They are connected and operate in a system. And the fruits of this integration yield efficiencies and possibilities for alignment that hadn’t existed before.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

And what I have noticed is that when something is off in my work and life or I feel overextended, fragmented or disconnected, integration is usually the only way to realign and get me back on track moving towards my overall goal(s).

It’s been really interesting noticing the same patterns in business lately. In the past 3 months, I’ve been steeped in conferences, surrounded by experts in social business, brands + innovation and interactivity.  What’s excited me is that these innovators in enterprise and social profit businesses are clear that – similar to working human beings – they have to integrate to achieve the next level of success.  Integration is key to evolution.

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