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Relationships vs Transactions

Relationships matter. They are the single most important tool for making life happen on all levels – personally, professionally, organizationally, civically, and globally.

Relationships cause countries to make alliances, enterprise to be maximized, money to be exchanged, and personal fulfillment to happen.

In business, relationships can be easily confused with transactions.  What can someone do for me?  How can I get something out of this exchange?

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Genius of Frustration

I had a client come in the other day, and quite frankly, she was just worn. Tired, grumpy, mad at the world, deflated about her dreams, looking at her life through old lenses of what she thought her life should be like.

She was not in a good place for coaching, and I asked her what she needed from me. She said: “Just don’t let me give up.”


Have you laughed enough today?

No living creature can laugh, except man. 
-Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Thats some pretty amazing power, isn’t it? When was the last time you had a great laugh? I mean the kind where you were crying, barely breathing and holding your stomach because you were frozen in hilarity?
I have a rule in working with clients. We must have laughter. Even in the face of great change, the result of laughter’s presence can greatly improve one’s experience of transition and growth.

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07 02 09, 11:14 pm
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It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and it’s time to get over it and get back on the band wagon. As a result of spontaneous posting, I’m creating a new category on this blog: HUMOR.

In the Spring, the word marinate become one of my favorite terms. Like any other word, over use creates the need for new self-expression. That is why I’m going to start using the word tenderize as a descriptor. Yes, I live in Texas. Yes, I love meat-isms.

Additional meat-isms: pluck, braise, sausage (noun or verb), rub (salt or sugar or both), etc.

-Inspired on a Thursday night at 6pm by Nick Gallardo

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