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Why You Should Time-Travel This Holiday Season
12 12 16, 12:12 pm
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A milestone birthday mixed with a longer work engagement left me needing some introspection and reflection. As a coach, I often guide people in focusing on where they want to be in the future. But these last few months I’ve taken a new approach – looking at my past to get clear on the now.


Diving through 40 years of memorabilia, letters, and journals showed me some key themes in my life.

For those that know me personally, get ready to smile…

  • I was the “Most Questioning” in 5th grade
  • In all of my yearbooks, people thanked me for helping them with their problems.
  • I regularly wanted more “space” for reflection and downtime.
  • I was always searching and seeking – looking for growth and authenticity at every turn.

Taking this tour of my past helped orient me to who I am. Not what I do. Even if I didn’t coach and consult, I would still be me. I would still question, help, guide, and search. THAT is Jen Spencer.

In the almost 10 years of doing this work with individuals and companies, I’ve recognized that people and companies are both very consistent. We have wiring and habits that we don’t even recognize because they are so reactive and automatic. This is why change and evolution can feel very hard. It’s you working against years of conditioning to change direction, take a new perspective, and try new things.

But every now and then, you get an insight that helps you override habits that aren’t working and create a new path. Where that insight comes from varies. But you have to listen closely, or you’ll miss it.

We live in a fast world that doesn’t slow down unless you demand it. Chances are you have been working your ass off. Take some of that focused energy you pour into your business and career and devote it to yourself. You deserve it. So give yourself the gift of a morning or afternoon this holiday season away from your work, kids, friends, and loved ones to have some time and space to reflect on all you have done this year.

Here are a few questions to guide you…

  • Where have you excelled at your goals?
  • Where did you fall short of your expectations?
  • Where have you surprised yourself?
  • Where have you gotten in your own way?
  • Where did you authentically show up as you this year?
  • Where did you hide who you are — out of necessity or choice?
  • How do you want to use this information to create possibilities for 2017 – personally and professionally?

May you relish all the things that define and orient you to your TRUTH and who you are.

And may you have the clarity and gumption to adjust those things – internal and external – that keep getting in the way of you sharing your talents and presence with the world.

You have a lot of gifts to share, including with yourself.

Gratitude and Grit
11 10 15, 7:15 am
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Any time we set a goal for ourselves, there is one guarantee. You will hit a roadblock as you travel along your path. It’s inevitable when you do big things in the world. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

I wish I could tell you what to watch out for, but roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps it’s a boss that doesn’t see your “next level” value. Or an unexpected addition to your family. Or maybe an all-consuming romantic relationship that diverted your attention from your career goals for a few years.

Grit, that persevering and tenacious personality trait, is a defining factor that trumps talent in terms of success. We’ve shared some stories, about grit in the face of adversity. You can also read The Highly Evolved Human’s Nick Ross share an inspiring story about the creative spark that came to him amidst his battle with cancer.

Picture of Nick Ross

What if…. Continue reading

Everyone’s Stuck Somewhere
08 03 15, 9:53 am
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I was standing in the Rome train station renting a car for our Italian adventure when I heard what I thought was an Italian speaking eloquent English.  “I thought you were Italian!” I said.

“No, I’m from California, but I’ve lived here for 5 years.  And I really wish we could go home.  But we are stuck here right now.” This woman was in what most people consider one of the most magnificent cities in the world.  And she wanted to go home. Continue reading

Why I Keep Coming Back to ‘Your Best Year Yet’

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week last week full of good food, great times with family and friends, and some rest!

Several friends and clients have been intrigued by a practice I do annually called Best Year Yet.

The book Book“Your Best Year Yet!” by Jinny S. Ditzler asks 10 questions to help you get clear on your wins and challenges during the past year while also helping you focus your energy and efforts in the year ahead in a way that will make it …(badumbum) Your Best Year Yet.

Since most of you are still on vacation, I encourage you to take advantage of this time to do some insightful planning for the year ahead.

You’re probably inundated with books, articles and other resources right now to help you plan your 2015. But the simplicity and flexibility of Best Year Yet keep me coming back to it. Working through the questions takes three or four hours. I recommend giving yourself four hours, and I encourage you to go through the process with a friend, spouse or colleague.  As I’ve done Best Year Yet, I’ve found that sharing someone else brings about more insights.

Some of the things I learned when I answered the questions this year: Continue reading

Something to Look Forward to All Winter Long

It’s December.  The holidays are here in full force.  How do you feel?  Is the gratitude practice working?  Still feeling pulled in a million directions?  Like there isn’t enough time to catch your breath, let alone do all of the things you’ve planned?

And, just to ratchet up the tension a little bit more, this is the time of year when most of us start thinking about our next year–our big plans, our goals, our gotta-make-it-happen’s for 2015.

We have a solution to help you focus. 

TCE Immersion Continue reading

Gratitude + The Holidays
11 30 14, 1:27 pm
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You know how November goes.

An eye blink from now, we’ll be in the holiday whirl of shopping, traveling, eating, drinking and gathering.

And then it’s the end of the year. Already. I know.

Before it all starts, I invite you to reclaim Thanksgiving as a time to get some perspective and connect with others.

We pay a lot of lip service to gratitude this time of year. But I want to invite you to take it deeper. Continue reading

The Gift of Risk

When was the last time risk got your ass in gear?

One of my clients sent me a recap a few weeks back…

I have a renewed sense of optimism for the company. We have much to be proud of and a stellar collection of talented people all looking to make big things happen. The very act of committing ourselves to something “risky” and somewhat “unknown” has brought out a renewed sense of purpose across the board and especially amongst the partner group.

This is what risk can do for us, whether as individuals or organizations. It creates cohesion and motivation in ways that status quo just can’t.

We often think of a risk as something that could be hazardous, but I have seen in my work how NOT taking risks is actually more dangerous. Continue reading

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