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Your Creative Juice
07 07 15, 7:20 am
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I want you to remember the last time you felt really creative.

Perhaps it was…

– an idea you had in the shower one morning that gave you a solution that allowed you to have a win-win with your client

– a conversation you had with your boss where you ‘thought on your feet’ in a way that allowed for the green light to happen on a project you’d been championing for a while

– or maybe it was the experience of working with a team where you felt everyone complemented one another, so the day-to-day experience of of working together felt creative and collaborative

How did it feel?  Maybe it looked a little like this:
The Creative Process

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SXSW 2015 – Writing Your Next Act
04 07 15, 8:20 am
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writing your next act

I was honored to be chosen to speak at SXSW this year.

Writing Your Next Act was a full session attended by a diverse audience of restless, successfuls looking for the next step in their career. A great reminder that we all experience transitions in our work, passions, and focus. The question is – are you leveraging your transitions to get you where you want to go?

We’ll share the video when it’s ready, but if you a curious about the specific content, you can click here for a summary.

The Year of Refinement
03 02 15, 12:35 pm
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Sometimes we think we have to do a lot or change a lot to get where we want to go. But lately a different approach has made a big impact for both me and my clients. The best part? It doesn’t involve looking outside of yourself for solutions. Continue reading

Do you feel alive?
02 23 12, 7:41 pm
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I recently came across Harvard Business Review’s latest issue about what makes people thrive and create sustainable performance within their work environments. The article is called The Value of Happiness.

Researchers identified two components that influence thriving, sustainable performance: Vitality + Learning. A combo that makes absolute sense, but is more rare than you might think.
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02 15 12, 6:40 pm
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As I look around my space, I am grateful for my relationships.  They have allowed me personal and professional fulfillment throughout my life.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of heartache as well as valuable learning opportunities, too, but the net is always greater than the loss.

Look around you.  What are your relationships like?  Are you surrounded by new relationships?  Do you have a lot of people around you that you’ve known for years?  A mix of both?  Which relationships are you most proud of?  Which relationships do you need to reinvent or simply say goodbye to?

Relationships have the potential to enhance life’s engagement, make business happen, and help the world go round.  What do relationships create for you?


04 30 10, 11:16 pm
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Curators don’t just belong in museums. We all have the responsibility to
be curators in our careers and life.

A curator is the person responsible for developing and maintaining
collections. And “collections” are everywhere. They can be personnel
and team members, your inner circle relationships, assets, a body of work, a brand, a great meal.

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Why amex is brilliant
04 16 10, 8:10 pm
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Two Words: Open Forum

I feel like my adult years have been formulated by advertising.  My bullshit meter is pretty good.

False promises, inauthentic branding, and fluff are pretty easy to see through.

Why is Open Forum so great?


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