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Be the Scientist

We are two weeks into the New Year.  I would imagine if you are like most of the planet, you have at least one area that you wanted to modify or completely overhaul in 2012.  Perhaps it’s your profession?  Your relationships? Your health? Or maybe you want to finish a personal project that’s been on the backburner for months or even years!

Change isn’t easy.  We are creatures of habit, and we have to use the most executive part of our brains to help create change.  Change requires focus, presence, and commitment.
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Six Sources of Influence

I just finished Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield and Ron McMillan. This book chronicles a series of scientific studies around change and lays out the 6 sources of influence that it takes to make real change in your life.

I’ve outlined a few of the critical elements they discovered through months of research and interviews. In sum? To change one big thing, you have to change in six different ways to make that shift happen.

This is the Jen Spencer version of Cliff Notes to get you started:
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