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Department of Innovation
12 04 08, 4:04 pm
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A friend and fellow coach, Denzil Meyers, shared some ideas with the new administration about innovation.  I love the conversation it spurred from all over the globe!

Check it out here:

Op-Ed from Mitch Albom
11 30 08, 6:26 pm
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Mitch Albom’s comments to Congress about the auto industry’s $25 billion loan.

Eloquence of an Author
02 16 08, 6:45 pm
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The Statesman published a Washington Post Article written by Michael Chabon, titled “Don’t let fear smother hope.”  The crux of this article is that we have allowed fear to dictate our choices.  Our country wants hope and enthusiasm and a new vision, but we fear we won’t ever get it…so why even bother.  Chabon writes, “we must permit ourselves to feel hope, to acknowledge the possibility that we can aspire as a nation to be more than merely secure or predominant.” What would this country be like if we let our hearts be open, not without education, but with passion and fire for what could be? You can view the article at

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