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New Year’s Gifts
01 12 16, 11:12 am
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Hello, and Happy New Year!

I hope your transition into 2016 finds you rested and refreshed for the year ahead.

Florence and the Machine’s song, “Did You Build this Ship to Wreck,” inspired this month’s content.

So often we create visions and goals, and we don’t realize that we’ve picked something that’s not true to what we really are going after. Or we are clear where we want to go, and we don’t do the maintenance to make sure we get there in the most efficient and effective way.

How this transpires in our day-to-day careers might look like:

  • Having a vision that’s old and uninspired
  • Not being clear or tapped into your passion around your motivation of why you are doing what you are doing. TRUTH can be a powerful fuel.
  • Burning yourself out by all work and no play.
  • Not taking the time to check in along the way to make sure you are on course to reach your goals. That intermittent focus allows for you to see if your original course is off or if you’d like to stop at some unexpected place en route to your bigger destination.

Creative Executives need Vision, Passion, Focus, Commitment, and Action to be able to reach and maintain satisfying, successful careers.

Your career is a long voyage, lasting 40+ years. Make sure you are clear about these elements before you set sail.

We have a few exciting resource giveaways to share to help you gain insights, build additional awareness, and get inspired about your strengths, values, and productivity.

And we are always here to help you navigate the way …

Wishing you a productive and creative 2016 full of insights and opportunities that delight and surprise you!



You Are Awesome
12 08 15, 9:59 am
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This has been a year of incredible growth for me and for my clients. We have all been doing a lot of brave things lately.

Personally, this year’s work forced me to not skirt around what’s most important and has made me dive deep in order to authentically speak about what I think matters in this world of creative executives.

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Gratitude and Grit
11 10 15, 7:15 am
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Any time we set a goal for ourselves, there is one guarantee. You will hit a roadblock as you travel along your path. It’s inevitable when you do big things in the world. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

I wish I could tell you what to watch out for, but roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps it’s a boss that doesn’t see your “next level” value. Or an unexpected addition to your family. Or maybe an all-consuming romantic relationship that diverted your attention from your career goals for a few years.

Grit, that persevering and tenacious personality trait, is a defining factor that trumps talent in terms of success. We’ve shared some stories, about grit in the face of adversity. You can also read The Highly Evolved Human’s Nick Ross share an inspiring story about the creative spark that came to him amidst his battle with cancer.

Picture of Nick Ross

What if…. Continue reading

Do You Know Your Value?
10 05 15, 7:00 am
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Hello, Friends!

I had the honor of speaking on “The Humanity of Creativity” to open the Worldwide Partners’ North America Annual Meeting this past week in Chicago.

In addition to running into one of my favorite people, Eva, across the hall from the conference (I love when that happens)….we heard from some incredibly seasoned consultants that spoke about everything from M+A, Work Scope Analytics, Net Neutrality, and iTrends.

Click here to see one of the most important things you need to be thinking about as a company who wants to have creative and financial success.

Elevate Your Game
09 08 15, 10:20 am
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What gets you from A to B isn’t what gets you from B to C.  I was talking to a few clients last month about elevating their game.

At first, it sounds like a nice “cheerleader” phrase, but after we got into the session, they got it.

I mean really got it. And the comment at the end of the call was Continue reading

Everyone’s Stuck Somewhere
08 03 15, 9:53 am
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I was standing in the Rome train station renting a car for our Italian adventure when I heard what I thought was an Italian speaking eloquent English.  “I thought you were Italian!” I said.

“No, I’m from California, but I’ve lived here for 5 years.  And I really wish we could go home.  But we are stuck here right now.” This woman was in what most people consider one of the most magnificent cities in the world.  And she wanted to go home. Continue reading

Your Creative Juice
07 07 15, 7:20 am
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I want you to remember the last time you felt really creative.

Perhaps it was…

– an idea you had in the shower one morning that gave you a solution that allowed you to have a win-win with your client

– a conversation you had with your boss where you ‘thought on your feet’ in a way that allowed for the green light to happen on a project you’d been championing for a while

– or maybe it was the experience of working with a team where you felt everyone complemented one another, so the day-to-day experience of of working together felt creative and collaborative

How did it feel?  Maybe it looked a little like this:
The Creative Process

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